Tuesday, July 26, 2005


I am currently on a forced Sabbath from my computer. It simply wouldn't turn on Sunday. Viva la Mac! So it's at the shop, being admired for its beauty, and, I hope, being fixed. The good news is that it is under warranty and will continue to be under warranty for the next three years.

The bad news is that I was unable to finish my work. The other good news is that I have an understanding "boss."

Anyway, this update comes to you live from the Denton library. I hope to have the machine fixed and back in my possession shortly, but until then, the peace and grace of Christ be with you.


alison said...

I hope it is a quick repair. Isn't it frustrating when we can't do what we need to do when we've actually disciplined ourselves to do it. Argh.

Hope you are back soon.

Jamie Dawn said...

Thanks for the blessing. I feel peaceful & graceful now.
Hope your computer gets fixed soon.
Don't you just love the library? I do.

jaymarie said...

oh my goodness - aren't you online yet?

c'mon - I'm dying here!

(really, I hope for your own sanity that your computer works well - soon)