Saturday, July 16, 2005

Your Turn

I was just over at Backyard Missionaries and Hamo tells about his daughter getting three "needles" (Oz-speak for "shots"?) and it reminded me of a funny story concerning Sophie and Anna, my two oldest children.

Sophie was around 3 when she caught a virus that eventually lodged itself in her hip joint. I never knew this was even possible. But one evening, Sophie suddenly went all Jacob on us and began limping around the house. It was scary.

We went to our pediatrician who sent us to the hospital to get some bloodwork done. The bloodwork was to rule out something major being wrong with our little girl. Laura and I were at DEFCON 4 at that point. I pushed the stroller with Anna in it and my wife walked with Verbal (from Usual Suspects) through the empty hallways of our hospital looking for the lab. When we got there, the nurses asked for Sophie to get on the table, at which point Sophie immediately began crying. Two nurses and Daddy held her down as she screamed bloody murder (this is one of the worst parts of being parents) while a third nurse drew the blood. Finally, and I mean finally, the blood was drawn and a Band-Aid was applied. Sophie sat up red-eyed and snuffling and pointed at her little sister. "Now it's Anna's turn," she said. Anna's eyes widened in horror until we were able to assure her that she was not next. I could have died laughing.

The limp went away after a few days, but while we waited Sophie got some interesting stares from people. She was happily oblivious.

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