Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Coping, Poping, and Alliterating

Where have I been? I've been resting from the Michigan trip, feeling tired (fighting something?), and enjoying time with the fam. I've also been reading vast quantities of Catholic materials. (The people cheer; the audience roars.) I know, I know, you don't want to hear about it, but I'm just saying. And, of course, this will be fodder for future posts - maybe later today even. I'm telling you so you know where I've been and where I'm going.

At this point in my reading and studying, I already feel somewhat disabused of my Protestantism. And, to be a teensy dramatic, I also feel somewhat used and deceived: too much information, of the truth, has been kept from me. I know it is not a malicious dissemination of disinformation, but all the same, I feel a little angered and slightly slighted. (I plan on sharing some of this information at a later date.) It is almost as if after struggling financially for much of my life, I've just discovered that there is, in my name, a bank account with several million dollars in it.

I mean to cash in on and even share some of my newly found wealth. I won't be angry if you don't want any of it. Regardless, I hope you keep hanging with me.

To do something completely different and unrelated now: Here's an alliteration piece I worked on over the weekend to post at Jamie Dawn's blog (see blogroll). I wasn't going to post it here, but I spent an hour to an hour and a half on it late Saturday night. It uses the word "ass" frequently, so skip it if that will offend.

Arthur's ample ass, attired appropriately, acquired attitude at an All-Ass Amble, accomplishing an acrobatic and arresting antiphonal air.

Addie, awestruck at Arthur's artistry, asked about acquiring Arthur's adept ass at April's assembly. Addie's assistant, Abigail, aghast at approaching an ass-artisan, almost appealed Addie's adjuration.

Arthur's ass ambled ahead.

Abigail approached and ass-ambled, albeit awkwardly, alongside Arthur.

Arthur ass-ambled astoundingly.

Abigail's arms ached after Arthur and Arthur's ambling ass.

Arthur approached. Abigail, anxious about appearing amateurish, angled away.

Arthur advanced again, almost angrily at Abigail's angling.

And Arthur's arms acquired Abigail. Abigail - alive, Ah! alive - acquiesced and alluringly ass-ambled against Arthur. Arthur assessed Addie's assistant approvingly. Abigail ass-ambled and Arthur accompanied.

And asking Arthur about April's assembly abandoned Addie's assistant - Abigail adrift, Abigail adored, Abigail accepted, Abigail angelic.

Ah! Amore!


Scott said...

Note: I am not intending to trash Protestantism. I am, after all, still Protestant. Protestantism is beautiful and faithful. And the vast majority of Protestants I know (I know very few Catholics) dearly love the Lord. But at the moment I am elsewhere on my spiritual journey, and I'll be sharing parts of that journey here.

Jared said...

I am really looking forward to what you have to share. When I told my wife last night that I'm giving up alcohol for lent she said, "I knew you were going to do something like that. You're doing a lot of Catholic stuff lately." :) Maybe she's referring to my non-marian rosary. And the occcasional mass. I think I'm going to mass tomorrow too.

I can't say that I feel the same as you about it. I mean I too have come to feel like there have been some things hidden from me for all these years, but I don't see it as a treasure trove at the moment. Maybe it is one, but I haven't found it yet. Just a few helpful things here or there instead. Like I said... I'm looking forward to seeing what you've found.

Alexa said...

Hey you two are pretty cool. I'm going to keep reading!
(Now you "know" another Catholic)

God bless.

ScottB said...

That's a whole lotta ass, man. I'm not even going to try to guess what connected catholicism and all that ass in your head.


Scott said...

Jared, I hear you. I'll try to share some of the things I've been learning/thinking. For me some of it has to do with the fleshing out (or incarnation) of N. T. Wright's view of the new creation and the Kingdom being now, though not yet.

Alexa, thanks for stopping by. Good to know you and don't be a stranger.

Man, Berkhimer, you ducked just at the right time. ; )

Anna said...

I enjoyed your alliteration on JD's blog and again here :)

I like your religious thoughts posts, so bring on the new truths! In your search for truth do you ever step outside Christianity? I'm a Christian- sometimes Protestant, sometimes Catholic, but I like to bring in some ideas from other religions and beliefs sometimes.

Jamie Dawn said...

That alliteration deserves an award!
"Ass" did not offend. That very word is found in the Bible. (tee-hee)

I look forward to reading your epiphonies.