Monday, February 20, 2006

The Drive

I will be traveling tomorrow with three little people: a five-year-old girl, a three-year-old girl, and a crazy toddler boy. They're all mine, as far as I know. Laura and Sophie can't go because of school. So it's just me and them for twelve gr***ing hours. I am traveling to the edge of the Great White North - to Michigan - for an interview or two.

I had a dream last night that my wife told me she didn't want me coming back until I found a job. I was crushed. But then I woke up and now I'm okay. Mostly okay. Really. Mostly.

So here I am contemplating this trip from The Place That Shall Not Be Named (that would be "Hell" for my slower readers). And twelve hours, by the way, is only the trip there. At some point we will need to make the trek home, unless my dream prove prophetic.

Anyway, I'd appreciate your prayers throughout the day on Tuesday. I may just buy diapers for the older kids and slap them on them for the trip. Maybe for me too. That'd save some time. Now if I could only find some legal, ethical way to make the children sleep the entire trip. I'll have to burn some new music for the trip - something that will drown out my yelling and crying, preferably, and something that will keep me awake. Any suggestions?


CameraDawktor said...

I don't know if you can afford it but we purchased a portable DVD player and got it out 8hrs. into a 24 hr. trip. Since it was new, it was great fun. Also got some new DVD's too. Good luck w/ the job. Hope someone will be on the other end to babysit during your interview!

alison said...

We are ALL about driving through the night: leave a couple of hours before bedtime and then watch them pass out and drive like The Place That Shall Not Be Named!

This is only good if you are confident that you will not drive off the side of the road while you are snoozing yourself.

Regardless, you will be in our prayers.

Scott said...

No fair, I was still editing when the both of you commented. I'm done now (my apologies). Lock and reload, baby.

Cameradawktor - we've considered the portable DVD player before, but right now it's now really an option. Any way you could mail yours to North Carolina by tomorrow morning?

Alison - you know the last time we drove all night, the Raccoon slept only intermittently - for three or four hours max - and cried the rest of the time. I thought I'd died and gone to The Place That Shall Not Be Named.

Anna said...

Good luck with the job search! I'm warning you that it's cold as The Place That Shall Not Be Named here this week. ;)
I have friends who travel with toddlers who recommend bringing a little portable potty along in the car so that you don't have to stop all the time.
I like books on tape and NPR for long car trips. Bon Voyage!

Scott said...

Anna - I'll have to check out my books-on-tape options. It might be a pretty penny after adding together all our library fines, but it might just be worth it. And it would probably help the kids sleep better too.

Jamie Dawn said...

I think all three kids will have the sniffles and need some orange Triaminic. They NEED it. It just happens to make kids sleepy. Also, you may want to have them eat lots of turkey before you head out. That makes people sleepy too.
You may want to throw back a couple of Red Bulls and turn up some Ozzie Osbourne/Black Sabbath music and maybe throw in some Arrowsmith & Stryper.

Jamie Dawn said...

Oh, I forgot to say I hope all goes well & that you find just the right job.

cassie-b said...

Have a nice trip, and best of luck.


truevyne said...

Prayers for you interviews to be divinely inspired. And prayers for the loonnnggg captured toddler drive.
For trips I rent Cracker Barrel books on tape for $5 a week when my library fines overwhelm me. I still can't find that dorky expensive ballet picture book my daughter borrowed in October...drat!
And my husband hates it when I have bad dreams about him, because I treat him suspiciously the whole next day.