Sunday, February 26, 2006

There and Back Again

The drive was not nearly as bad as I imagined - neither to nor from Michigan. The kids were wonderful. They didn't sleep well at Grandma and Grandpa's (it always takes a couple of days for them to acclimate), but the trip was pretty okay.

It is so nice being with Laura and Sophie again.

Thanks for your prayers.

When I got home Friday night, just as I lifted Will out of the car, he began vomiting. Laura took him and felt his forehead; he had a fever. He hadn't felt hot on our last stop and had been asleep for the past three hours. And though I'm so sorry the little guy was sick, I was sure glad he had waited until we got home.

Oh, and no gold. No dragons.


Jamie Dawn said...

Poor Will. I know a few people with the vomits, so I think it's going around the country. I hope it skips our house.
My daughter is sick too, but it's her sinuses. She will be having her sinuses reamed in March. Poor baby. Maybe she will be able to breathe & actually smell after that.
It's terrible when kids are sick. We parents just ache for them.
It is good that Will waited to upchuck until you go home.
What a mess that would have been in the car.
Oh, and the smell!!

CameraDawktor said...

God obviously was answering your prayers to save the throw-up for the driveway! Sorry you missed out on the gold and dragons...

Jamie Dawn said...

I put a link to you at the end of Monday's post.
That alliteration you did was grrrreat!

Paul said...

I read your alliteration at Jamie Dawn's place.

Far out.

Anna said...

Glad to hear you had a good trip. Hope all feel better soon!

Birdie said...

Oh man, we've had the winter blahs around here, flu, respriratory this and that. I send all the warm blankets and healing thoughts this universe holds.

Scott said...

Jamie - yes, I dodged the bullet on that one. Oh, and thanks for the link. I enjoyed the alliteration exercise.

Cameradawktor - the gold and the dragons will be there next time, I'm sure.

Paul - thanks, man. It took me forever, but it's always fun playing with words.

Thanks, Anna!

Birdie, bless you! I hope it's all over soon.