Saturday, February 11, 2006


"There ought to be some horses on the road we're taking," I say.

"Slow down so we can see them," Anna says.

I pass the corral, but I see no horses. "I guess they're not here today," I say, and drive on.

She says, "Daddy, you have to be patient. Just like we be patient when we wait for you to make macawoni and cheese."


Miki said...

Out of the mouths of Babes! Sometimes as adults, we do forget to be patient, and they, the little ones, remind us. Found your blog via another, glad you are here, love your "stuff."

alison said...

And just like we be patient when you aren't blogging everyday...OK, neither am I.

Jamie Dawn said...

I bet it seems like forever for that water to boil and those noodles to cook when you're hungry, little Anna.

Church schisms seem to be something the Church can't live without. I've seen my share of them over the years.
We can argue forever and never resolve some doctrinal differences that exist. Who really knows for sure if we're eternally secure or not? We'll know before too long.
What a can of worms speaking in tongues has been.
There's nothing wrong with discussing & arguing complex issues, but it's unfortunate that the Church has become divided because of them.

Anna said...

Ditto to miki ;)