Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Orthodoxy of Orthodoxy

Dr. Scot McKnight, prolific author and Professor of Biblical & Theological Studies at North Park University, blogs at Jesus Creed. His blog is always a fascinating read, and if you've never been there before, bookmark it. He gracefully addresses contemporary and, at times, controversial issues. While I do not always agree with his conclusions, he always challenges me to think about my thinking. And that's a gifted teacher, no matter how you define it. I have great respect for Dr. McKnight.

Scot is neither Catholic nor Orthodox so you do not have to be afraid of such strange and deceptive teachings taking you captive (excuse sarcasm). The following series, "The Gospel of Niggle: The Orthodoxy of Orthodoxy" was inspired by two scholars, Pagels and Ehrman, choosing heresy over orthodoxy. Scot's conclusions are insightful and compelling, though I wish he would push further with his line of reasoning. You may wish that he wouldn't have pushed so far. But please read it.

The Gospel of Niggle 1
The Gospel of Niggle 2
The Gospel of Niggle 3

The series, though Scot does not go so far, reminds me of a favorite Thomas Howard quote (the brother of Elisabeth Elliot and a Catholic convert): "All the heresiarchs believed in the inspiration of the Bible, but it took the Church to say, 'This is orthodox' or 'That is heterodox.' "

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