Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Squealing Tires, Heavy Boxers

On the way back from Wal-mart today, my first trip out in two-and-a-half weeks thank you very much, I almost got hit by two vehicles. A school bus suddenly turned into a church parking lot and the long line of closely packed vehicles that had been following close behind it came to a rather abrupt stop. I had to work my own brakes to stop the mini-van in time, sending my phone and some groceries off the passenger seat and onto the floorboard.

That's when I heard the squealing.

I looked in my driver's side mirror and saw a large, white truck still traveling quite quickly and already at my bumper. I braced myself for an impact that didn't come. Somehow he skidded to the left of the mini-mini-van into the lane of on-coming traffic and stopped with his front bumper near my front bumper. I am not claiming any miracle here. I just don't know how it happened because my eyes were squeezed shut and I was screaming like a little girl. When I opened my eyes, I saw a long, white caddy squealing toward the other side of my mini-mini-mini-van. The caddy's careening ended in the grass on the right side of me.

I didn't bother anyone with any particular gestures of good will, happy as I was to be alive.

But when the vehicles ahead of me began moving again, I sat motionless, took a deep breath, and thanked God for His mercy.

Crazy delicious.


Anna said...

Wow! That was a close one!

cassie-b said...

Scary moment - I'll bet it took a long while to wind down from that one.

I'm so glad you didn't get hit.

Dan said...

Glad you squeaked through! Sometimes, with all that we do, I marvel that we're all still here.

alison said...

And you thought staying home with the kids would be boring.