Wednesday, May 17, 2006

So Dark the Ron of Cannes

It doesn't look good for The DaVinci Code. They didn't even like it in Cannes.

ht: Jimmy Akin


Anna said...

I'm still looking forward to it! Have you read the book? I thought it was a fun, fascinating thriller.

Scott said...

I haven't read the book. I probably should pick up a copy from the library some time. From the reviews, it sounds as if the movie might be a flop.

Honestly, the whole idea of the book offends me, though I've heard some people say it's a good read.

Anna said...

How do you know if the book offends you if you haven't tried it?
As a Catholic Christian, I thought it was a fun story.

Scott said...

Well, I didn't say that I refuse to read it. But from what I've heard about it, I know that it would offend me. I know myself well enough to know that. Some things are sacred, and neither humor nor story are justifications for muddying them.

One more thing, by the way, you must surely know that there are things you don't need to "try" to know whether they are good for you. We're not discussing broccoli here. : )

cassie-b said...

I'm planning to see it - if for nothing else, than to compare the movie and the book. But I may wait till I can see it in the comfort of my own home.


Anna said...

OK, whatever floats your boat. :)