Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Academicians: Firsts and a First

Anna: Paper Towel and Horsefly

So here's Anna when she got home. Not only was it her first day of Kindergarten, but she also lost her first tooth today. This picture was taken about two hours after it happened - she wouldn't let me take the paper towel. I finally had to tell her that the Tooth Fairy was pretty strict about not leaving her fairy coins with kids with paper towels in their mouths. She lost the tooth at school and that's why the paper towel is vintage brown-industrial. I bet you can almost smell and taste that paper towel, can't you? (She drew a horsefly when she got home. I'm not sure where that came from, but it was pretty funny.)

Anna: First Lost Tooth

To the right is Anna without the paper towel. You can see which tooth she lost and her beautiful silver crowns. She's still a little concerned about that "red spot," but I hope the novelty of tasting her own blood will wear off soon.

Sophie: First Day in Second Grade

And Sophie is looking all growed up in this picture. The pretty girl had a good day in second grade even though half her class are hoodlums. She's our social butterfly, and going back to school is a real bonus for her. She's starting out with a sub this year until her just-had-a-baby, real teacher can get off her lazy backside and get to school.

(That's just a joke, Laura. Don't hurt me.)


Oh, The Joys said...

So cute toothless!

alison said...

Sophie is looking so grown up.

truevyne said...

My husband's friend Steve is our family's tooth fairy. When a tooth is lost after it's lost, the kids simply call him and tell him just in case he's wondering why the missing tooth isn't under the pillow.

ukok said...

Absolutely beautiful pics! You have been blessed.

Scott said...

Thank you, ukok. You're right.

True, I've been forgetting the coin the last couple of times - fortunately Laura's remembered and we've been able to slip it under the pillow at the last moment. (You know, one of those, "Are you sure you looked thoroughly under your pillow?")

She is, isn't she, Alison.

Thanks, Joys.

zach l. said...

cute picts.!