Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Responding to Grace

While there are beautiful analogies between God's love and faithfulness toward us and our relationships with our own children, we receive God's grace as men and women - not as children.

And we cannot afford to forget it.

We relate with God maturely, as he's created us to do. Therefore, we make decisions freely, for better or worse, that affect our relationship with him. He is faithful; he is ever faithful, but we are free. That is not to say that our decisions are not empowered or motivated or enabled by his grace, they certainly are - but they remain our decisions. And we must, as men and women, receive Christ this day and each day into our hearts and lives.

I don't believe God's grace can be over-inflated, but we can misunderstand and pervert it if we try to revise the story we are in, the story that God's grace has been written into.

. . . . .

I'm trying to order my thoughts on grace and our response to it - or how we respond to it (in snatches, moments stolen away from the children). And while many of you are scratching your heads on this one since I've failed to contextualize my thinking, I'm simply beginning to write in response to Calvinism and a kind of Universalism, both of which seem to be gaining some momentum in our pews. I'm thinking out loud on this one. I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Anna said...

I agree that it is as aware, free-willing, sinning, decision making adults that we need God’s grace. When you speak of God’s Grace, I think Unconditional Love.

It sounded like you weren’t interested in more parent-child analogies, but even as an adult that’s how I best understand God’s love and grace for me. My mother has shown me what unconditional love is, and it is through that experience of my mother’s unconditional love that I can begin to understand how God can love me unconditionally. If my earthly mother can love me so much through all of my decisions- good, bad, ugly; then it gives me a glimpse of how my Heavenly Parent is be able to do so even more to a level that I can’t comprehend.

I don’t believe that God can be understood or comprehended fully by silly, little humans. I think God is often misunderstood but who are we to judge what is right for other people in their journey to God?

So there are my thoughts :)

Scott said...

Thanks, Anna - no, the parent-child analogy is right and it has its place. Like I said, I'm failing to contextualize my thoughts - I'll try to do better when I have some more time.

And you're right, there's so much we fail to understand about God - that we can't understand about God and what he is doing in the lives of those around us.

jaymarie said...

this is what i think:
i hope God's grace is astounding and real because right now i have little to know faith and my works aren't holding much water either.

(that's about all i am qualified to add to this kind of discussion at the moment)

jaymarie said...

(oops, i meant "little to no faith...")