Wednesday, August 16, 2006

iBook Down - Mayday! Mayday!

The homeowner's insurance won't cover the iBook. So I'm going to run the sticky thing down to the Apple Store in the next day or two and see what the damage is. That trip will take me down to Charlotte - about an hour or an hour and a half from here. And, hey, won't that be fun with the kids!

I'm thinking it might have to get listed on eBay for parts (not the kids).

The good news is that when I become rich I can trade up to a MacBook or maybe even a MacBook Pro (since I'll be rich and all). Interestingly, while it's all rather disappointing, that's all it's been. It just hasn't blipped that loudly on my emotional radar. And while I'm not certain whether that's good news or bad news, I'm going with good.

. . . . .

In other news, the yellow-haired child is now receiving medication for Swimmer's Ear just like me, and her sister before her. I took her in to the pediatrician today and she has officially joined the club.

Did I walk under a ladder or something?


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