Thursday, August 17, 2006

Color Me Stupid

I sent a short note on a Sticky to Sophie's teacher yesterday about some problem-solving Sophie was required to do in her math homework. It involved knowing words like digit and being able to understand the concepts of division and multiplication. I told the teacher of the problems' complexities and wondered about the process she used to teach these second graders how to solve such problems - in order that I might use the same process at home. You know, consistency and all.

Today a note was in Sophie's folder assuring me that I had gotten the answers correct and that such questions were "to help Sophie (and [parents]) better problem-solve."

I suppose the next time I write a note, I may need to specify that the problems are difficult for a second grader so that the teacher doesn't assume I'm a complete idiot.


truevyne said...

Maybe this week's lesson will involve teaching the children to make the shape of an "L" on their forehead when their parents make stupid comments.

Scott said...

Seriously, True. I was doing math homework with Sophie again tonight and she had a homework question that read: "Does the sum of an even and odd number equal an odd or an even number? Explain."

Explain why? Why? It just does. Might as well ask her to explain why a leopard has spots. Crazy handouts.

Dan said...

That's a stupid question. It's the laws of the universe, that's why.

My brother was an elementary school principal for awhile, out in the boonies of Grand Rapids. I helped him from time to time--sort of an extra authority figure, and I did some one on one tutoring too.

What shocked me was how DUMB the teachers were! It was scary to think that the future of Grattan Township was being formed by such miniscule minds at the front of class. Amazing that the teacher would think that any parent would need help with second grade handouts.