Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A Big Day

Today I dropped off Anna at her Kindergarten room. She was a little shy, but all business. As soon as we got to the room, she marched in and found her desk and began unpacking her supplies. Earlier, she had almost lost control of that sea of emotion as she tried to unfold her new mat and in doing so knocked over a can of pens and pencils in her mommy's room. But she didn't cry. It's a big day.

I remember my first day of Kindergarten. I cried, I'm sure. My mom cried, I'm sure - her baby, her little caboose, was entering school.

Kindergarten is a big step.

Then I took Sophie to her second-grade classroom. These are strange times, growing up. She was fine, of course, and I'm sure more than a little happy about the beginning of school. She was interested to see who would be in her class, looking forward to seeing her compadres.

First Day of School is tough on the entire family. Laura is being introduced to a whole new batch of kids herself today while working under the rule of a young, new administrator. Sophie and Anna are faced with new situations. Avery is the oldest at home now and no longer has her sister to play with. She'll have her own responsibilities and stresses to deal with.

Not much has changed for the Raccoon - too much to do, to explore, to destroy.

It's an emotional day for me. It's nice having only two around. They are the work-intensive two, however, so I'm not sure it'll be any easier. It's hard, however, not having Anna around - wondering what she's doing, how she's doing. And I was getting used to having Sophie around again, but with only a month off, Summer flies.

So here I am. I think I'm ready for this year. I have more freelance work than I've ever had before (overwhelmingly so at times). But that's a good problem.

I'll try to get pictures of the two academicians when they get home. I hope they're all smiles.

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