Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Real Live Preacher

The following is a comment I posted on Real Live Preacher's Web site. I was so enamored with my thoughts, I narcissistically decided to post them as a blog entry.

In RLP's latest article "The Gift of Believing," he says, "I have no desire to claim doubt as some sort of virtue, a sign of depth or intelligence. . . . Yet I am not ashamed of my doubts."

I've been waiting for someone to say this, and I'm thankful it was rlp. Sometimes I wonder if a new sect within Christianity is rising, and they will be called "doubters." They will hold up doubt as a virtue. They will call on all believers to doubt. It strikes me as a great irony.

Belief/Faith is an interesting creature. James says that being faithful is the sign of faith, of belief. Good deeds don't require warm fuzzies, last time I checked. Nevertheless, we do long to have unity between our hands, our hearts, and our heads -- I think, perhaps, that is part of the process of sanctification, of redemption. We wrestle with divinity through the dark nights of our lives and are transformed into being wholly his.

RLP, thanks for what you do.

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