Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Root Canal

I had to have a root canal yesterday. I was a little unnerved by the prospect (or would be by the procedure -- Ar, Ar, Ar). Strangely, I was also a little excited about going through the pain of it. I've always heard things like "About as much fun as a root canal." Now, I was going to have that concept made incarnate in the flesh of my gums. Woohoo!

Having said that, I was sorely disappointed. For me, it was a relatively pain-free experience. I've had worse BMs, for goodness' sake!

Having said that, and somewhat sorry for having said that, there were two extremely painful aspects of the procedure: (1) Writing the check that you must inevitably write when you have no dental insurance. Ouch. And (2) "About as much fun as a root canal" and similar comparisons have now been emasculated. Worse than emasculated, my root canal experience excised a figure of speech from the English language. OUCH! What kind of soulless animals are these "dentists" who have the gall to do such a thing? A root canal ought to be painful. Is black now white? Is evil good?

I sit here in mental anguish on a heap of mental ashes tearing my mental robe. I must go rethink my life. For now, goodbye.


Sherry C said...

Nothing like a good laugh to start the day off right. Thanks for this.

Scott said...

It's my pleasure, Sherry. I'm glad someone's laughing.