Friday, May 20, 2005

Women in Tennis Skirts

Women in tennis skirts -- they look at my children and then they look at me. I can tell what they're thinking, "Oh, he must have dressed them."

So, in response, let me admit to a few things:
  1. My girls aren't perfectly groomed.
  2. After all this time of being a dad to three girls, I still have trouble with hair bows.
  3. Matching outfits sometimes are just not a priority for me.
  4. Women look fine in tennis skirts.
  5. Nine times out of ten, my children probably have ketchup stains around their mouths, or chocolate milk mustaches.
But these girls, these girls are crazy about their daddy. And, hey, the rest is peripheral.


Andy said...

I LOVE it! Great point(s)!

Robin said...

I've seen your children - yeah, I stare! I can't believe you let them out of the house in clothes that don't match. I could understand if they were boys, but, I mean, YOU HAVE GIRLS! What ARE you thinking?

Didn't you see "Mrs. Doubtfire?" Perhaps you should try dressing like Robin Williams did in the movie. This would give you good practice for your girls. YOU could see all of the techniques girls must use to match their shirt, skirt, tights, shoes, and, don't forget, HAIRBOW! This accessory is a necessity of little girls.

However, if you were to dress like Mrs. Doubtfire, then your poor children would be questioning their "gender identity." And THEY would, of course, blame it on the job YOU did as a father dressing as a woman because someone told you it might be a good idea.

Perhaps you should just look at the advertising for GAP, Abercrombie, and, their too young now, but, at some point, Victoria's Secret. Now THAT is how we SHOULD DRESS OUR LITTLE GIRLS! Society always has such GREAT ideas, not only for dressing our children, but raising them as well.

Yes, you really should succomb to the "expectations of society." Dressing them according to these standards will prevent people from staring...just think...short skirts, tight shirts, skin, skin, skin... The way things are going you won't have to worry about how you dress them b/c as clothes become skimpier and skimpier - you will have no need to dress them at all. None of us will... Just think of all the stares you can avoid by following society's "current fasion of the day." YOU ARE REALLY OUT THERE, MAN!

Well, until the time comes that you "catch a clue" and dress your little "unmatched" girls APPROPRIATELY for going out in public...I think you chould grab some masking tape and stick a sign on their backs that reads, "I'm dressed this way because my DADDY dressed me...and I LOVE HIM SO MUCH FOR IT." Isn't that really how we should ALL dress our children anyway?!?

Scott said...

I'm making the signs now, Robin.