Friday, November 10, 2006

For a Caramel

We took drives in the country. We'd first stop to pick up something to drink, and a snack, and we'd drive. We'd normally head east, though we'd rarely reach Williamston; we'd drive and we'd look and we'd talk.

Once, when my sister had her driver's permit, we almost died over a caramel. My dad, sitting in the passenger seat, took one of Tania's caramels. She tried to stop him, reaching suddenly for him and for the candy, and the van followed. We swerved sharply onto the shoulder of the road and back.

We didn't die, I'm pleased to report, over the caramel. Though it would have made an excellent story.


alison said...

Good story but, had you all died, no one would have told it.

I prefer this version.

Scott Lyons said...

Hehe - true. I suppose the police officer typing up the report wouldn't know it all happened over a caramel either. Ah well. I like this version better too.