Friday, November 10, 2006

Praise for Little Things

This morning I took a shower with no interruptions. I dressed with no interruptions. No one pounded on the door. No one cried. No messes needed to be cleaned when I came out to check on the two ephemeral angels.

. . . . .

It is 82 today. Yesterday it was in the low 70s. Tomorrow it is supposed to be in the low 70s - a little island paradise in a sea of 50s and 60s. North Carolina ain't so bad.


Hope said...

with the wind chill factor yesterday it was -34C here. I don't know what that is in the Farenheit scale although at -40 both are equal. 82 sounds lovely.

alison said...

Up here it is the grey that gets to me, not the cold, which I find invigorating.

I have opened a conversation about PC vs. Mac as I am in the market.

Please weigh in.

Scott Lyons said...

Hope, brrrr!

Alison, those are dangerous waters to tread in - you might have to moderate the comments. : )