Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Me and the Crue are heading to Michigan in a week, braving the cold and the gray, braving two holidays being pressed into one.

We'll be celebrating Christmas with my side of the family after Thanksgiving (I imagine it will be on Saturday, though Who knows?).

We're driving through the night, we've decided. It usually works out well: Kids sleep, wife sleeps (if only fitfully), Dad sleeps (if constantly interrupted by those annoying rumble strips). We get to Michigan the next morning, and, for the most part, it's as if the trip never happened. Then I collapse on the couch and nap until it's time to drive home again. All around, Good Times.

Maybe I'll pick up a DVD player so I can watch movies while I drive. Or maybe get some movies on CD at the very least. Or do they just do books?

I suppose coffee is always a good option, or a 2-liter bottle of diet Mountain Dew with loads of chips and candy. ("Ew," he shudders.) That just doesn't sound as appealing to me as it did when I was in college. But I'll make it work - suggestions are welcome.


Dan said...

If you can get to a public library, I'd recommend checking out the biography of John Adams on CD. I went through that in no time flat. Absolutely fascinating.

Also, the Journals of Lewis and Clark on CD are equally fascinating. With both of those books, there were "driveway moments," when I'd get to where I was arriving, and just sit in the car until a certain segment was done.

How about chocolate covered espresso beans? Now there's a nifty change for the better!

Good luck, and drive safe. I couldn't do it--I'd be asleep in no time flat.

Let me know if you have anytime for lunch while you're down...it'd be fun to do that again, though I know you'll be crazy busy.

alison said...

Coffee is always good.

We too are the fan of the drive through the night.

Books on CD are definitely the way to go.

I can't drink Mountain Dew ever, so no help there.

Remind us. I will pray for safety.

And ditto on lunch with Dan

Scott Lyons said...

Lunch would be a riot. I'm not sure of our plans yet, but maybe something on Friday would work.

Dan said...

I think Friday could work for me...Alison?

Sherry C said...

Another good Lewis & Clark audiobook is Ambrose's Undaunted Courage. We also loved Charles Kuralt's America. Oh, and have you ever read Mary Shelley's Frankenstein? Yep, audiobooks make the time fly.

My best munching suggestion is green grapes. If you can find them this time of year where you are, get some that are slightly undersized and have that picked-before-their-prime look about them. It is impossible to doze off while popping tart, under-ripe grapes.

Crunchy fresh veggies are a good thing, too, but your sleeping family might protest.

Wish I could join you all for lunch.

Chad said...

I like books on CD, but I don't think they help keep me awake. I just zone off and then have to backtrack to the last track to which I was paying attention.

I like crunching on ice. And gas stations will often give me a cup of ice for free.

Iced coffee. Don't need the warmth to make me drowsy.

Reeces pieces. Grapes are a good idea, I'll have to try that.