Monday, February 05, 2007

Cedar Point

Cedar Point: The reason we allow Ohio to continue to be a part of our proud Union.

Let's just go on and say it: Sandusky ought to be her capitol.

This summer's new addition: Top Thrill Dragster. 420 foot high + 120 mph fast = Pure sweetness.

HT: Mom


Dan said...

Amen, Brother!

Though I fear I may have reached that tipping point where I now see the world through eyes no longer in their teens. That thing scares me to death.


Would you actually ride the thing? I think if I were to ride it, it's possible my fate could be like the subject of one of the funniest pictures that was going around the internet for awhile: a poor girl, so scared by the roller coaster in the background, she peed her pants.

Scott Lyons said...

lol - I haven't been to Cedar Point since high school - maybe not since we all went there together in high school. It's been so long ... maybe I would pee myself. And maybe it would be worth it.

I'm a roller coaster nut. I definitely affirm that I want to ride it. Maybe standing in its shadow - one third the height of the Empire State Building - I might reconsider and opt for another helping of Friar John's giant French fries. Which brings up another hurdle: I might have to starve myself for two or three moons before they let me ride it.

Scott Lyons said...

Hey, and if you peed yourself ... well isn't that what water rides are for? Off the coaster, straight to Snake River Falls.

Scott Lyons said...

Oh, and no offense meant to all my family and friends who live in the Buckeye State. (Mmm ... buckeyes.)

You did the amusement park thing right; you can't be all bad. ;)

Jen said...

It really IS kind of the only good thing about that state, isn't it? =-)

In an odd plot twist, my hometown is about 20 min from Grandville (see post below)