Tuesday, February 13, 2007

He's Here

Jack Henry was born at 11:38 a.m. on February 13. He weighs 8 lb. 4 oz. Both he and Mom are doing great.

Thank you for your prayers.

If I can ever work out this uploading files/pictures problem, I'll post pictures.



truevyne said...

Dear Scott and Mrs. Scott,
What a blessing! I pray peace and rest for everyone as you bring this little sweet thang home.

Jared Coleman said...

Congratulations, Scott! I am so happy for you and your family! Blessings!

~m2~ said...

Brilliant!! Congratulations and wow, what a nice size!!

(Did I ever tell you if I had another boy, his name would have been Jack? and that my newest nephew born in December is named Henry?)

Dan said...

Welcome to the world, Jack Henry!


Anna said...

That's wonderful!

It's been some time since I've visited you here. I'm no longer a Michigander; we moved home to Minnesota last November. We got new jobs & a new house & I'm just getting back a bit to blogging.

I didn't even know you were having anew baby! That's wonderful! Was he early?

Welcome to the world, Jack Henry!

Alexa said...

Congratulations all around!
Today is my own son's 6th birthday and I reminiced (sp?) myself with a montage video on my blog...

It's pretty easy at that site if you check it out!

Sherry C said...

Welcome, Jack Henry!

Congratulations, friends.

Paul said...

Most Excellent! And in nurturing Jack Henry, be sure to take care of each other, too.

ScottB said...

Dang - how did I miss this one? Belated Congrats my friend!