Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Various and Sundry

I'm detoxing from caffeine ... again. I had a monster headache all last week and am still struggling through some rebound headaches as well. I have had one or two days headache free. I'm looking forward to more.

Important news: Yesterday was my mom's birthday. Happy birthday, Mom! I miss living near my mom and my dad. I miss being able to hug them rather than simply telling them I love you. But I do love you both, and, Mom, I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

The baby boy is coming! Our son is now full-term. And he will be in our arms before you can say Jack Robinson (No, that won't be his name). The due date is the 24th, but we are tentatively planning an induction on the 19th. Laura is just great with child and pretty miserable and tired much of the time. Pray for her and for our son.

I'm around, but I do have work to finish up this week - so, again, posting may be light.

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Anonymous said...

caffeine is next on my list...

Congratulations on the babemeister happenin' coming up!

I see it's 48F in Denton...pull out the bathing suits! Compared to here anyhow...

God bless.