Sunday, February 25, 2007

Keeping Jesus Revolutionary

I had the pleasure of seeing and listening to Scot McKnight and Tony Jones on Friday night with about 30 others. A more intimate conversation was scheduled for Saturday, but I couldn't justify (leastwise not to my wife) being away from the family both Friday night and all day Saturday. Nevertheless, it was interesting hearing the two men speak about "Keeping Jesus Revolutionary." Their differences were intriguing.

It seems that Scot's view of keeping Jesus revolutionary has much to do with gaining a less subjective understanding of Jesus and His mission as revealed in the Gospels. What he has to say is quite profound.

I was able to speak briefly with Scot afterward, but regretted that I didn't have Jesus Creed with me for him to sign (lack of planning) and that I couldn't sit down with him over a coffee (or whatever his poison) to discuss ecclesiology.

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