Monday, February 05, 2007

Sharing Podcasts

Do you listen to podcasts? What are some of your favorites? One of my favorite podcasts is from Mars Hill Bible Church in Grandville, Michigan.

I know the man's a Protestant and all (relax, it's a joke), but this place has got it going on. I listen to Protestant sermons all the time. Some set my teeth on edge, some make me bleat out my own protestations, some are so us-them - but I don't find that, or haven't yet, listening to Rob. I've been listening off and on for nearly two years now.

Listen to the podcasted sermons (through iTunes) or download the MP3s from Mars Hill's home page. (Click on "Who We Are" and then "Teachings.") I highly recommend the first three sermons in January.

An Orthodox podcast I enjoy is Our Life in Christ. You can also find their MP3s at Ancient Faith Radio.

And Catholic podcasts? I listen to a few - Catholic Answers is usually quite informative. Another is the Cardinal Arinze webcast. I listen to each of these as podcasts through iTunes. But the links I've provided will allow you to download the same MP3s for free without being able to or wanting to subscribe to a podcast.

I do not listen to any of these always - I just don't have the time. Though some podcasts are so infrequent that it's fairly easy to keep up-to-date with them. Enjoy the ones I've posted - especially Rob's - and let me know which podcasts you have found that resonate with you.


Chad Toney said...

I download tons, but only listen to a few regularly..

CAlive -- Jimmy Akin's, Karl's, and Tim's.

EWTN open line -- Pat Madrid's and Colin Donovan's

EWTN Journey Home

CARM episodes with Matt Slick and catholic apologist Mark Bonocore

Ricky Gervais podcast -- humor from the guys that brought us the UK The Office

Also Arinze..

~m2~ said...

i listen to and enjoy rob bell also; in fact, i get upset if the podcast updates and i've missed one.

i listen to Bored Again Christian which is new Christian music. i enjoy the host (unobtrusive) and have found some pretty cool music because of him.

am always looking for good Catholic ones so i will keep tabs on this thread...

Chad Toney said...

Just found another'n.