Thursday, October 13, 2005

Avery's Earrings

Avery's Earrings
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The yellow-haired child got her ears pierced yesterday. I'm so proud of her. It was solely her decision, and she was the first of our legion of children to take the step. She didn't want earrings because her big sisters had earrings. She wanted them simply because she wanted them.

They couldn't pierce both ears at the same time because they only had one gun that was working. That sounded like trouble to me. I had to vacate the premises with Sophie and Anna who were about to explode at the thought of Avery getting her ears pierced. We mosied on down to a bench 50 feet away where we were able to watch and wait.

Avery sat in the seat as still as a statue. She looked ready to conquer the world. She had a pretty little pink jewelry box and a stuffed animal on her lap. She exuded confidence. Meanwhile, Anna, Sophie, Will, and I were making friendly wagers about whether she would scream, and how loudly.

When the first ear was pierced, the jewelry box and animal fell to the floor - shock and dismay, followed with screaming. We didn't quite reach "Defcon Banshee," but came close. Laura had to hold Avery's head to get the second ear pierced (we were committed after the first).

She cried for a few minutes afterward. Her older sisters solemnly vowed that they would never, never get their ears pierced. Then I made them run over to Avery and tell her how beautiful she looked. Avery got her blankey and the tears slowed and then stopped. The runny nose was blown and wiped clean. Pink fingernail polish was bought.

A day later, she loves her earrings. She doesn't like me coming near them to clean them and I never knew what a strong little monkey she is. But we'll try to make sure her ears don't become infected and gooey and fall off.

(The purple on her ears under the earrings is simply the marker they used to mark her ears for piercing - no need to worry.)


Anna said...

Do try to keep the ears from falling off - lol

How old is this little one with her newly pierced ears? Is she your girly-girl? I mean with all your kids, would you pick her out to do the girly stuff over the others?

I got mine done when I was 5 or 6. It's a fun little accessory. :)

Anna said...

Sorry, I was behind and just read the post from yesterday. I see that she's 3 and looks like quite the jewelry fan :)

Jamie Dawn said...

Having both ears done at the same time is a MUST.
Poor thing! That second one must have scared her to death.
I know you'll be able to pin the little monkey down each day and keep her earlobes clean. She may not like it, but she'd hate having them get infected and FALL OFF!

Sherry C said...

Ewww...I have a pretty good infection story that I'd be happy to share with her if you need a good threatening story.