Thursday, October 06, 2005

Fighting Tooth and Nail for Normalcy

Sacagawea Golden Dollar

That is what it has been like around here the past couple of days.

Sophie lost a tooth on Monday and again on Tuesday. So now she has a top and bottom incisor missing and her other top front tooth hanging on by a thread. She gets a Sacagawea Golden Dollar for every tooth she looses. It's treasure. And it's not so expensive as to keep us from eating for a week. (My wife had one child she taught who got $20 per tooth! I'd be ripping out my own teeth for that kind of cash.)

Then, yesterday, we were outside playing on the swingset when Anna stepped on something and began screaming. She started hopping over to me and I told her to stop. I went over to her and picked her foot up and saw an old, rusty roofing nail halfway into her foot. I quickly grabbed it and yanked it out. Thinking about it now makes me want to vomit, which I'm not prone to do. She stood there hollering at the top of her lungs as her blood pooled in an oak leaf. I carried her inside and bandaged it properly. Fortunately, she didn't need a tetanus shot, because it was part of her immunizations. I am still watching the boo-boo, but it looks good so far.

And now I've got to go put more nails and broken glass out under the swings.


Dee said...

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Sherry C said...

It's a never ending battle, isn't it? Keeping the dangerous sharp objects in the play areas where they rightly belong. A parent's work is never done.

Jamie Dawn said...

That last line is perfect humor!
I hope Anna's boo-boo heals quickly. That had to hurt, and it's good you kept your vomit response in check.
$20 bucks per tooth??!! That's insane!

alison said...

I have said being a child is to constantly pursuit self destruction and being a parent is to constantly fight to keep them alive.

Anna said...

lol on your next chore!
Sounds like you've had quite a week!

Scott said...

They step on nails lying under the swingset you built them - I'm sure this will come up in therapy someday.

Lorna said...

oh oh oh

hope everything is ok now`?