Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Blog-Slack Excuses

I've been furiously trying to finish up some freelance work in the past few days. Then, in the midst of this work, my water heater went out. I mailed out my completed work just this morning, but the water heater still needs fixing (we have two in the house, so it's more of an inconvenience than a calamity). Apparently, I need to replace a heating element.

In the rush of work (brought on, I might add, by my own procrastination), I have gotten very little sleep in the past few days. Bible study is tonight. Sophie got released early from school today, which required nearly two hours of my time to pick her up. The dishes and laundry and house are in a bad way. I haven't seen the littlest children in days, which is problematic since I change their diapers on Wednesday. The lawn is groaning for one last mowing - I may find the children when I mow.

It's 85 and sunny today - beautiful. And all I want to do is draw the curtains, curl up à la fetus, and log a few hours in the land of Nod.


Jamie Dawn said...

I hope you catch up on your rest soon. I'm sure you'll find those kids you've been missing, and the laundry will still be there when you're ready to tackle it.
Life: when it rains, it pours.

ross said...

you only change diapers once a week? Wow, parenthood may be less scary than I thought... ;-)

Sleep well, rest well, and we will enjoy reading your exploits again when you're rested!

mrsfish said...

If you don't find the little ones in the grass, don't worry soon enough the missed weeks diaper change smell will lead you to them :)

Reid said...

You live in Denton where nobody is "fixing" anything. It's fixin'.

Scott said...

Yes, Reid, "fixin' " - I hope I didn't blow my cover with that faux pas. If a mob in bedsheets shows up at my house tonight, we'll know.

And, Ross - no worries, mate. Your little one will be cake. These diapers they make today are quite sturdy.

And Jamie and Fish, I found the kids. Diapers will have to wait till next Wednesday, of course.

Scott said...

Ross, I mean "these nappies they make . . ." Cheers.