Friday, October 21, 2005

People, Ordinary eBay People

People, eBay people, are a funny lot. I know because I'm one of them. My wife is selling Kool-Aid pouches on eBay right now. A lot of 24 empty pouches are, currently, selling for over $8. They use these pouches for making purses, backpacks, belts, etc. Kind of a strange idea, but it does recycle them and I have actually seen some products that were kind of cute. I think it's crazy. But I also think it's great. Because I can buy more than 24 juice pouches for $8, quite a bit more.

Sometimes I feel badly about selling last month's trash at a profit. But not that badly. Could you use a winter coat made entirely from used Luvs diapers? A blanket from old newspapers? A T-shirt from holey underwear? A wallet from empty condom wrappers? Let me know, people.


Sherry C said...

Although I will have to check out the line of accessories made from empty kool aid pouches, I will choose to pass on the wallet made of condom wrappers.

Thanks anyway.

Jamie Dawn said...

Oh, good grief!

alison said...

I prefer my winter coats made from unused Luvs diapers. Picky picky, I know.

rebecca said...

you should check out I haven't seen a condom wallet yet, but I wouldn't be surprised!