Thursday, October 20, 2005

This, That, and the Other

We had bolgna sandwiches and Cheesy Poofs for lunch today. I told Annie to thank Jesus for her food. Annie was in a rather silly mood, however, and I heard her in the next room being silly while she was praying.

"Be serious, Anna," I yelled to her from the other room.

"I was just joking, Jesus," she said and giggled.

A strand of spider web waves softly off the top of my iBook.

A 21st-Century eOde to my 4th-Generation iPod in Less-Than-Heroic Couplets

Carting music was a dirty deal
Till I chanced upon your sweet click wheel.
New iPods come and Jobs surely knows
That I can't play 5th-gen videos.
But that still won't chill your ever cool
'Cause you rock, you cock-a-doodle-rule.

(I clearly have too much time on my hands. Please send freelance work or more children.)


Sherry C said...

I think I like your title as much as I do your poem. You rock.

Meg said...

Ha... my dad used to tell kids during the children's story up front at church that if they closed their eyes when they prayed, no one but God could see them. I have no idea why he always made that joke.

alison said...

Where is the original poem where you were jiving. Didn't have time to comment earlier. Came back to read again and it was gone.

That is bad manners.

By the way, headed South is one boy who needs to be educated. Enjoy!

Scott said...

Sherry, me too.

Meg, that's too funny. Strange things dads do.

Alison, I have terrible blog manners. I post and then I edit and edit and edit. In fact, after I read your comment, I edited the poem some more. (Btw, who's heading South?)

alison said...

My son. Would you please teach him how to use an indoor voice?

Sherry C said...

This is an outrage! Bring back the original poem--BOTH original poems! NOW! I fear I may have to boycott your blog if this kind of behavior continues. Do you not know proper blog protocal? The handbook clearly states that you may edit freely, until, and only until a comment appears. At that point, the post is set in stone, for better or for worse, for all the world to see. Cringe if you must. Post a follow-up entry with your revisions, but DO NOT, under any circumstances, change a poem in its entirety, and heaven forbid you actually delete an entry--with comments on it no less!!!!!

Am I making myself clear???

You do not want to face my wrath, trust me.

Other than that, have a nice day.

Sherry C said...

Ok, I have to rescind a portion of my rant. From Alison's comment here, I had assumed that you deleted the pony poem. I see it is still there, but I'd better go back and check it for content. Who knows, maybe you went back and "edited" (read "slaughtered") that one, too.

Scott said...

Wow, I had no idea. Virulence over such a silly rhyme.

I will try, on behalf of my psychotic readers, to edit only up until a comment has been posted. In the future.

Your humble servant,

Sherry C said...

Apology accepted.

And it's protocol, protocol. Where in the world did I get protocal?

Oh, if I could only edit...

alison said...


Ha ha. Are we still in 6th grade? It cracks me up that we are this sort of daily and playful contact.

Scott said...

Sherry, dear Sherry, it (your being able to edit your comment) wouldn't have helped because I had already read it and responded to it. Protocal, Silly, protocal.

Alison, it's all just a mad dream.

Jamie Dawn said...

More children? The ones you have are already having to apologize to Jesus.
Cute post.