Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I Acheses in the Head

I hate headaches. They ruin my days; they spend my nights. They make the sun my enemy and the light my adversary.

I hate headaches. They make me angry and short-tempered. I become a do-nothing.

I hate headaches. They suck.

"Daddy, will you shave your head bald again, so we can laugh at you?"

Days roll into days around here. The temperature is cooling - it has been in the low 60s here for the past few days. And that's just plain chilly. Sickness sometimes is the only thing that separates one day from the next. Sophie came into our bedroom the other night, stood over the bed, and then proceeded to projectile vomit, bringing latent fears of the Exorcist to life.

The boy has a boil on his upper thigh. It was lanced on Sunday and he's been put on antibiotics. We call him Baby Job now. It's our version of Baby Einstein.


Meg said...

Good heavens! Boils, vomiting, aches...expect frogs out of the sky soon. And locusts!

alison said...

YOU, chin up.

Too funny.

Some days are just like that, but I am sorry, a day that starts with projectile vomit...

I read your comment on my whiney post and laughed not knowing you had had the same sort of day.

Sherry C said...

"It's our version of Baby Einstein."

Got me laughing outloud on that one.

Jamie Dawn said...

Job and demon possession. Your house is not a dull place. I hope your headache is over soon. Yuck! I get headaches once in a while, and they do ruin your day.
Have Sophie give you a neck massage. I hear the demon possessed are unusually strong.

Anna said...

I love your kid stories!

Scott said...

You girls make my day.

I still have a headache. And it still sucks. Today it was worse - I think it's caffeine withdrawal since I set up a Mountain Dew drip directly into my veins for a few days last week (freelance work was late) and then stopped cold turkey.

My body and caffeine just haven't been able to tango lately. I always end up feeling like I've been kicked by a horse.

Sherry C said...

I finally kicked the caffeine habit a couple of years ago, and have felt sooo much better ever since.