Saturday, January 28, 2006

The French Do It Better

On Jamie Dawn's blog she recently asked about movies that we, her readers, enjoy watching over and over again. Of course Star Wars came up. I'm a big fan of Star Wars myself, though I was somewhat disappointed by the writing in the prequels. I do, however, own all the Star Wars movies, and I recently discovered an excellent way to watch the prequels: In French. I don't speak French, and my ignorance of the language increases the entertainment value of these movies (If you are fluent in both Spanish and French, then this method will not work for you.) In French, I can appreciate the movies without getting entangled in all the silly dialogue. After all, I already know what's going on - why be distracted by anachronistic one-liners? Also, the French voices are far more pleasant to listen to than the whining that takes place with many of the English-speaking actors.

I still enjoy the original Star Wars movies in English, but watching the prequels in French is an excellent alternative to dispensing with them altogether. The French just do it better.

Disclaimer: Jar-Jar is annoying as hell in every language.


alison said...

I think I only saw Episode I, although I must have seen II since I know some parts of it. I didn't have it in me to go to III. I couldn't watch the kid who played Anakin and Natalie Portman's constipated performances, not to mention all the "comedic" interludes.

You might be on to something with the, no, I stand by it all being a waste of time.

Jamie Dawn said...

We own all the Star Wars movies too. Han Solo was and still is my favorite of all. He is so stinking cool!!

Anna said...

I grew up with and still love the old Star Wars movies. Of course I saw the new movies, but I don't love them like the old ones. You might be on to something with the dubbing ;)

I wanna be Princess Laia when I grow up :) JD's right- Hahn Solo is the dreamiest!