Friday, January 06, 2006

There's a Difference

There's a difference between seeking to follow Holy God and seeking to be holy. Isn't there?


truevyne said...

Dear Scott,
I could probably be persuaded otherwise, but just now I see no difference. He's Holy and we are to strive to imitate. A scholar I've met once told me the opposite of holy is mundane. Now isn't that somethin'.

Jamie Dawn said...

Don't Buddhist's strive for righteousness/holiness? Don't Mormons and Muslims?
I dunno.

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Scott said...

I apologize for my ambiguity, but such is my mind at times - without a context, my text makes little sense. This tiny post makes a great deal of sense to me, but others, unaware of my context may have little idea of what I'm talking about, or why I'm dilineating between these two things. So let me explain a little. I struggle with freedom and I'm becoming more aware that my struggle with understanding and experiencing freedom lies in the object of my pursuit. If my object is holiness, then I create a wholly different kind of bondage for myself than the bondage of sin that I may have lived in. But, indubitably, it is still bondage. I must do a, b, or c in order to be a "good Christian." However, if the object (rather, the subject) of my search is Christ, than my bondage is escaped in my pursuit of a person. "Follow me," says Jesus simply (though relationships are wildly complex, they are also amazingly simple). And then holiness becomes the fruit of my pursuit of Christ rather than the object of my pursuit. To me, this is exceedingly freeing.

I know this is a truncated and confusing explication of a more truncated and confusing post, but it's all the time I have for now. I hope I'm communicating it clearly. And I hope you understand how there is freedom in living that difference.

Jared said...

Wow, I feel for you brother. I often face the same struggle. When you put it that way there is a huge difference between seeking to follow Holy God and seeking to be holy. I read once that Buddha is recorded as saying, do not follow me, it's my teachings that are important. Christ doesn't quite say the opposite, but he does say something quite different.