Friday, January 20, 2006

Queer News

Chad Allen is starring in a movie about missionaries. One of the people he portrays, Steve Saint (a Christian missionary), defends the casting of this homosexual actor for the movie.

End of the Spear, which opens in theaters [today] (Friday, January 20), tells the story of five young Christian missionaries, pilot Nate Saint among them, who were brutally murdered in the jungles of Ecuador 50 years ago by members of the fiercely violent Waodani people. The film goes on to depict how the martyred pilot's son, Steve Saint, who was five years old when his father and friends were slain, returns to the Waodani as an adult and befriends them, even becoming a good friend to one of those involved in the murder of his father and the other missionaries.

Playing the role of both Saints, father and son, in the film is Chad Allen, an openly homosexual stage and screen star who has spoken publicly on same-sex marriage and other 'gay civil rights' issues. In an interview with In L.A. magazine, the actor noted that he has a Catholic Christian background but now embraces a spirituality that encompasses Buddhist, Hindu, and Native American influences as well.

Ack! Surely we're in the last days! The next thing you know they'll be making movies about queer cowboys. Thank goodness Lord of the Rings has already been made, otherwise they'd be casting a queer in the role of Gandalf or an elf or something.

(Forgive the sarcasm. But, personally, the outcry against Allen is unmerited. Agree? Disagree? Why?)


truevyne said...

So, I'm not mad at you for posting this, but now I will be tormented by my goofy mind when I go see this movie. Is the actor looking at the other naked native men with a queer eye? Does he hate it when he has to kiss his film wife, etc... I'm stupid, I know. Gayness if so foreign to the inner me that I can't make heads or tails of it. And I know it's not supposed to make sense, because it's not my orientation.

And if I was making a movie (okay, movie making is not even a remote interest of mine), I would NOT check sexual orientation before casting. I'd pick the best actor for the part. No need to swap intimate details on sexlives.

Scott said...

Thanks for responding so honestly, truevyne. Apparently, Steve Saint initially didn't like the idea, but then believed that perhaps the choice of Chad Allen was by divine appointment. From what I've read, the Saints have become like family to Chad. Profoundly missional, if you ask me.

truevyne said...

Profoundly missional- now those are the best words I've read today...

truevyne said...

I have to say I have been chewing on your "profoundly missional" words even into today- Missional to the homosexual community who could find hope in the movie and lives given in such sacrifice, or for the chance the Christians who scorn to go off the deepend AGAIN or as opportunity to examine themselves? Probably all these things.

Already I've gotten the "All good Christians should boycott this movie" emails... and it makes me want to scream!

Anna said...

I don't understand why a person of any sexual orientation should not be allowed to act professionally as whatever a role requires. Why would it matter what they did in their bedrooms?
I'm deeply saddened by the hatred felt and acted upon by people who often call themselves "Christians" but who hate other people, in this case gay people. In my opinion, hatred goes against everything that Jesus taught. Love your neighbor

Jamie Dawn said...

He's an actor playing a role. I don't have a problem with it.

I saw the son interviewed on Fox News along with the tribesman who killed his father. The story is certainly a powerful one.