Tuesday, January 17, 2006

She Could Not

Anna is five years old today. Five. I do not want to believe it, but it is true. I wrote a poem about her when she was only three months old. She was only a baby: She could not race around the house like a horse or prowl like a lion. She could not draw so purely, so passionately. She could not sing songs praising the beauty of the evening or of the One who sowed the moon and the stars in the black, fertile soil of Night. She could not tell me, with tears, how she missed her grandparents. She could not gently remind me about the apology I owed her for yelling. She could not swing so riotously, scraping the clouds with her toes. She could not love pizza. She could not play in the bay window, wrapping herself and her sisters in story. She could not reach her arms about me as she would a too-wide tree and say, I love you, Daddy. She could not do any of these things.

But she was Anna - full, even then, of grace.

She watches me write; I watch her be.
Peace newly born,
Clumsy-handed grace,
Bright-eyed, we watch together.

I'm still watching, Anna. I'm still amazed. I'm still in love.


cassie-b said...

Happy Birthday Anna.

Reid said...

Scott, please tell Anna Happy Birthday from all of us!

truevyne said...

Get me the tissues, NOW!

Call Me Ishmael said...

Yes, happy birthday, Anna!

Jamie Dawn said...

I wish Anna a great birthday!! Happy 5th!
You are a loving dad. She will always love you for that.

Anna said...

There you go, making me cry at work again!
That was beautiful, as always.
Happy Birthday from one Anna to another!

Zoe Mou said...

That was beautiful. Thanks for capturing these moments for our family so perfectly.

Birdie said...

girl in checkered skirt
wistful wonder expression
her smile a sunrise

(birthday haiku for your sweet little one!)

alison said...

What a great and beautiful post.

Meg said...

Scott, that is gorgeous. Happy birthday, beautiful girl!

Mom said...

I am soooo glad I did not die having you!

truevyne said...

Love the haiku!

Sherry C said...

Happy belated birthday, sweet girl.