Tuesday, January 10, 2006

To Be

To breathe a life, to live a breath,
Inhale, in deep, and put off death.
To be, to think, a being thought,
A light and salt, and seeing, sought.

To move in rhythm with the stars,
To dance with Venus and pierce Mars.
To laugh, to play, to be a song,
To do justice, to right what's wrong.

To write a poem poetically,
To run a race heroically.

But I am lost and helpless too,
Though found, though loved, though graced by you.
And I cry, and I hurt (I live).
And I'm breath, and I'm dirt (I live).


Jamie Dawn said...


I'm glad yesterday was such a pretty, joyous day.

Bruce L. said...


What a wonderful gift of poetry and grace! Blessings.

Bruce L.

{jeff edmondson} said...

Loved your poem. Thought provoking, image rich. Thanks for sharing it.