Thursday, January 05, 2006

Theological Play: Deus ex Machina

Two of my daughters got angel Barbie dolls for Christmas. The daughter who did not receive an angel Barbie, Annie, has been making some fascinating play with them. The other day, She held the angel Barbie high above her head and she shouted over one of her horses, "Angel of God, make her better!" And this morning, while playing with the yellow-haired child, she yelled over a plastic horse that needed to be euthanized, "Fear of God, make her better!"

I truly don't know where she's picking up the Angel-of-God/Fear-of-God language, but it makes me smile. Sure the play's too god-from-a-machine for my taste, but she's young yet.

(By the way, for you doubters out there, both horses were miraculously healed.)


Jared said...

That is so funny! Dude, I love your posts about your kids.

Jamie Dawn said...

Send that kid to me. Does it work on throats?

Very cute!