Saturday, August 06, 2005

The British Are . . . Here

I am sitting patiently, waiting to start Ocean's Twelve, though it's probably not worth the wait. I haven't even read a review on the movie. But what the hay. My only other option from Netflix tonight is Pooh's Heffalump Movie and while it is excellent, I've already seen it half a dozen times. The voice of Lumpy, the heffalump whom Roo befriends, is played by Kyle Stanger, whose voice reminds me of my favorite kids' show, Charlie and Lola. The kids' voices on this 15-minute Disney show are fabulously disarming (stole that description from a review) - Honestly, I could watch the show all day. It starts out with little English Charlie saying, "I have this little sister, Lola. She's small . . . and very funny."

It amazes me how volatile we Christians can be about the littlest of things. Well, we don't think they're little things and that is why we are volatile about them. I'm thinking about Harry Potter specifically. I've almost been burned at the stake two times for mentioning that I enjoy the books. I've almost been hanged four times. And before you start blogging about the perils of Potter, I already know my soul is in mortal danger and that at any moment I may - *pop* - become a Pagan. What can you do?


ScottB said...

For some reason, the first thing that popped into my mind when I read this was, "What else burns apart from witches?" "MORE witches!!!"

If you're not a Python fan, then just ignore. ;)

Sherry C said...

She turned me into a newt once.

Got better.

Sherry C said...

Yesterday, my kids had friends over to play. When their mom, I'll just call her X, came to pick them up, the conversation went like this:

X: So I checked out that new used book store up on the highway by the pizza place.

S: (brightening) Oh? Is it any good?

X: No, I wasn't impressed. I probably have more books in my house. Plus, I found one of those Harry Potter books in there. Any place that carries trash like that...

(At this point, I am totally trapped. We are sitting across my dining room table from each other, already locked in eye contact when she lets this little bomb drop. Trapped. What to say? What to do with my face as we maintain this eye contact? A stupid smile remains on my face from my initial excitement over hearing about a new bookstore. Not only have I read and enjoyed an HP or two in my time, but my son, who is outside playing with her sons, has just finished the first novel himself. Awkward silence for a moment too long as I mentally click through my options.)

S: (releasing the stupid smile into a nervous chuckle) I don't know. I probably don't feel as strongly about those books as some do.

X: Oh really? (cocks her head and reassesses me on the spot--silently wonders if her boys are safe)

I won't bore you with the rest of the conversation, but it was awkward and difficult, at best. I'm sure she left questioning my faith.

We'll see if she brings her boys over to play again.

jaymarie said...

there is only so much i can give over to conviction. well, i suppose there is a lot, but thankfully God hasn't taken me there.
here are the points of pure conviction,

things my soul doesn't allow to go grey:

1. the nicene creed
2. the value of each and every life here on earth
3. the belief that dark chocolate and red wine are a gift from God, and it glorifies Him when I indulge.(my own special creed)

there are a couple more, but these are the highest on the list...

Jamie Dawn said...

Piglet is my favorite Pooh character, followed by Tigger.

I've heard the Potter hysteria for years now, ever since the beginning when my son first showed such an interest in them. I chose to read the book along with him, and I've read each one after that too. I love the books because they show a very real struggle between good and evil. Life is that kind of struggle. We will not win every battle, but just as Harry keeps on fighting the good fight, we can too. So far, I've enjoyed the books very much. If book seven tries to convince all readers to become Satanists, then I will have a negative opinion of that book. Somehow, I don't think Rowling will go in that direction.

Amber said...

My husband and I are both Christians and Harry Potter fans. We couldn't wait for the latest book to come out. We too have had others look down their noses at us when we mention how great we think the books are. Personally, I think the more potentially "dangerous" part of the books, as far as where impressionable young kids are concerned, are Harry and his friends' going against authority figures (breaking the rules), but whatever. When my daughter is older, we will read them together and can explain that it is just make-believe. I pretended to be magic and wanted to be a unicorn when I was a kid, and I think I turned out okay. ;-)

Scott said...

Amber, thanks for stopping by. I've had many similar experiences. The hardest comments are from those closest to you.

Scott, I've only seen Holy Grail and a few other short skits, but always enjoyed what I've seen.