Monday, August 15, 2005

My Son, the Raccoon

The boy has been busy digging through our trash. It's the second time in three days that he's gotten into it. His primary target both times seemed to be the coffee grounds. This morning the grounds were caked onto his legs, around his mouth, and tracked across the kitchen floor. The Pop-Tarts box, the peach peels, and the vinegar-based slaw he passed over, completely oblivious to their obvious charms. But the little wet anthills resting in stained filters are irresistible and are the object of his raccoonish ways.

It's not like we don't feed the boy. He eats. He eats a lot. He eats as much as his sisters and, many times, more. He's 14 months old and this past week he made short work of an entire cheeseburger. If he wants to eat it, we usually let him. But there are boundaries. Eating coffee grounds out of the trash can just seems, well, desperate. You know, something Meg would do if she couldn't afford to brew her own beans.

Now he's buzzing around the floor all hopped up on coffee grounds. And there goes the lamp - I better go.

I really don't understand it. None of the other kids did this. Maybe he's getting the idea from his mama.


Broken Messenger said...


If this behaviors elevates to the next level (the cans out in the garage) I'd start to worry, as the craving for a dumpster cannot be far off. :o)


Jamie Dawn said...

The old "blame it on Mama" talk.
I think I've read enough oddness here at your blog to at least expect some strange behavior to be passed along to your offspring.
Your son is a curious adventurer. This will get him in trouble a lot, but it will also serve him well. He will go out of his way to find success in life. God bless the little fellow!
I suspect that all his marvelous traits came directly from good, old Mama. I'm sure she'll agree with me.

Meg said...

Hey now -- I never go into the garbage, Scott!

Jamie Dawn said...

You're raising a little dumpster diver!

Scott said...

Brad, thankfully he can't walk yet. When he starts, will the neighborhood trash be safe?

Jamie - me, odd? You could be right - maybe the boy just wants to be with his mama more and is training for future Dives.

Meg, not even after a perfectly good Caffe Verona that someone tossed a moment before just because they wanted something different?

meg said...

Believe me, I never dive. I just charm the baristas;)...