Friday, August 26, 2005

The Water Is Life

When I began this Web log, I chose a title for it. I chose one title out of a great number of possible titles. The title meant something to me because, at the moment, it summed up how I felt about my life: Out-of-control, wild, unpredictable, oddly ordained. I feel the same today, but perhaps with a broader view of how one is swept over.

Mirth and joy sweeps over me at odd moments. It may be the sheer audacity of fully stuffed clouds pinned to a sky of Carolina blue. It may be a song or a face. It may be tripping while walking up stairs. But sometimes in my life, scandalous joy sweeps over me and rolls me along in its surf. I crawl to my feet, pull up my shorts, and just laugh.

My children sweep over me. Words can't adequately express the disturbing blessing of each one. They humble me with their wonder and their innocence and their being. They are ever so fragile, ever so strong. I try to preserve moments - but only the tiniest fraction get recorded. This quartet moves my soul with their melody, their harmonies. I find myself humming their song wherever I go.

I am simply swept over. All his waves have broken over me. And deep calls to deep in the pounding surf. I am overwhelmed by Jesus.


jaymarie said...

what a wonderful expression of the joy in life.


Marti said...

That was really lovely.

Remember it when the youngens are being naughty LOL

Got you on my blogroll now, will try to stop by whenever I can.

Have a great weekend!

alison said...


Keep flinging those flowers, baby. Joy rocks!

Jamie Dawn said...

That's a beautiful post.

Scott said...

Thanks, all. Thanks for stopping by, Marti. I appreciate your link.

Anna said...

That was beautiful.