Monday, August 08, 2005

Chief Inspector Dreyfus

The reaching for sharp instruments, the involuntary choking motions, the falsetto giggle - these things make me believe that I'll be shuffling around in my bathrobe before too long.

The purple-clad, yellow-haired child has been playing with my cell phone for over an hour now. Right here, next to me. She does the same thing with it over and over, endlessly entertained by its colorful display and toddler-size charm. Every time I try to use it she grabs at it and says over and over, "Gimme da phone!" And I lie here with a purple-bead necklace around my neck, with fingernails painted from an afternoon catnap on the couch, and with my right eye twitching. Is it any wonder that my children won't listen to me?


Reid said...

purple-bead necklace and painted nails? good thing you don't live in the "posh part of town"

jaymarie said...

oh my gosh, I so wish the yellow haired one would snap a photo of you without you noticing and then post it to your flickr account.

gimme da camera.

Scott said...

lol - it ain't happening.