Friday, August 19, 2005


Life is crazy - it can be dammed up and unchanging for months, years even. And then, overnight the dam bursts and you find yourself trying to tread water in a sea of change.

We've been busy here in North Carolina, just as all of you have. This week our Bible study was on Wednesday night (as opposed to the normal Tuesday night) - along with a pool party and some good food. I've been tapped to teach next week's lesson, which I pray will be well. I also have an article for Tyndale due Monday. Busy, but no big deal - the kids sleep longer than I do, after all. Then yesterday before lunch it happened. The dam cracked and burst with the ringing of a phone.

"May I please speak to Scott Lyons?"

"This is he," I answered.

It was the local community college asking if I would teach a couple of writing classes this semester (scary and funny all at once, huh?) - probably the following semesters as well. Classes start today. I wouldn't be able to start, at the earliest, until Monday. One class is during the lunch hour, which I would have to arrange childcare for about an hour and a half on M, W, and F. The other class is M and W evenings.

I hung up the phone and it crossed my mind to say nothing to Laura about it and tell the community college No. That's a typical response from me - I've never done it, but I'm tempted to time and again. Change is hard - especially change that is going to complicate my life. But the job would be a foot in the door, it would be good experience, and it would be extra cash. All positive things. It would be busy. It would be hard. But I'm more afraid of what might happen if I passed up opportunities such as these that are dropped in my lap.

As I left for my dentist appointment, I got the mail. At the bottom of the pile was a packet of more freelance work. I'm telling you, when the dam breaks, it breaks.

I have to run by the community college this afternoon and meet with the lady who called yesterday. I'll find out more information then. Anyway, here it goes.

Sometimes I'm simply swept over by the sheer gaiety of life.

(I know, Jamie, I said dam.)


alison said...


Yea! Very happy for you.

Reid said...

our prayers are being answered! He is faithful. now we pray that He will at the same time give you the wisdom to handle all the potential changes that He's bringing your way.

Sherry C said...

Wow, Scott. Can't wait to hear the rest of this story.

Jamie Dawn said...

Talking about dam and gay in a single post. You ARE going to hell. Well, maybe not, if you do a great job teaching that Bible lesson next week.
I taught a class on the book of Job once. It's all about suffering until you get to the end. The end is the best part!
My inlaws used to live in a lake house near a dam. The businesses around there had a field day with the word dam: The Dam Cleaners, The Dam Donut Shop, etc...
It was kind of funny, but still very, very sinful.
Congrats on all your work offers! Go for it and enjoy the extra income.

Meg said...

Take the teaching! Pass the freelancing on to me;)....