Monday, August 08, 2005

More about Markers

RoseArt has these markers, Body Art markers. They're stamping markers that wash easily off the body. (Sure they do.) When I see a product such as this, I chuckle to myself and wonder, "What kind of idiot would buy that for their children?" As it turns out, exactly my kind of idiot.

The RoseArt Body Art markers lie scattered across my dining room floor. The yellow-haired child has followed the explicit instructions of the markers and drawn on her face once again. I never told the yellow-haired child what to do with the markers, so I reckon she must be able to read. Let me tell you something about washable markers. If you leave the marker on your child for more than a couple of hours, like for a day or so, it might as well have been a Sharpie. I know these things because I normally don't make a point of cleaning my children after they've drawn all over themselves. I figure, what's the point?

Now I don't live in the posh part of town. In fact, my town doesn't have a posh part of town. My town is antithetical to poshness. So a gaggle of kids simultaneously dressed in stripes and plaids, or running around in sagging, heavy diapers, or painted with RoseArt Body Art markers doesn't really phase anyone. It may even help to raise my standing in the community.


Sherry C said...

Body Art markers? Come now, Scott. You're a reasonably intelligent man. What the heck were you thinking?

jaymarie said...

don't you wish you could snap a photo without your yellow haired child noticing.
so funny.

Scott said...

Sherry, I love that you use the word "reasonably." Sometimes the head is conquered by the whine only because the whine must stop. Sometimes no cost is too high.

Jaymarie, I have this aboriginal picture of my second daughter, Anna, after she had gotten into the tube of Desitin when she was little - it's too funny. I'll have to try to either scan it in or take a pic of it with my digital camera.