Friday, April 21, 2006

Good Morning, World

I woke up this morning to my wife's, "Scott, it's almost 7:00!" (She has to be at work at 7:30 and it takes 40 minutes to get to work. At that point, what can you do?) She said it as if I were some guard who had fallen asleep on duty and our prisoner had escaped. Now sure, I forgot to set the alarm when I came to bed. And sure, it's my job. But you see, I stumbled to bed last night in a stupor of exhaustion. I thought the alarm was on.

I told her to go start the Jeep. I finished dressing Sophie, she went potty, and then I pushed her through the door.

So I was feeling blue this morning. I don't know, maybe it's just all the gray. The clouds are parting, though perhaps only for a minute or two, and I see that there is light in this world. Why is that so easy for some of us to forget? I don't have a clue. But I know there is light in this world.

The yellow-haired child is wearing her angel nightgown outside, with her black heels. An empty teddy-bear backpack hangs on her back with an old childcare tag from our old church attached to its handle. This one, she's got gumption.

The boy is wearing a bright orange T-shirt with a plane on his front pocket. He's wearing a diaper, but nothing else - Donald Duck would approve. The boy's chasing the yellow-haired child with a black plastic bat. But I figure it's okay since she's wagging her butt at him and singing the Oompa-Loompa song.

Anna is wearing her 101 Dalmatians nightgown. She's not outside with the rest of us, but is drawing on the computer. She figures she's got daylight to waste. I hope she's right.

I have no where to go today, especially with the price of fuel. I may have to throw them all in our moth-infested van and run up the hill to get some diapers; I believe the boy only has one more. Of course, I might find an extra one under the bed or lying around somewhere. And these diapers, nowadays, they hold a lot.

So I read this morning, "This is the day the Lord has made." It's hard to rejoice in that truth some mornings. Some mornings I'm more likely to say, "And?" than to rejoice. But today I'm going to choose light and rejoicing. Because, honestly, depression sucks. And I wasn't made for depression.

I also read about a fisherman who had denied his Lord. He is in his boat fishing with some others when he hears a familiar command from a stranger on the shore. A net is cast in obedience. 153 fish are caught. An excited whisper, "It is the Lord," prompts the fisherman to dive into the water and swim to shore.

It is the Lord.

I get this big fisherman. I think if it were up to just him and me, the fish would have gone free that day, all 153 of them.


Julie said...

haha great description of your morning- enjoyed reading it- I'll have to bookmark this one! Have a super day

Julie said...

we are running low on diapers now that i think about it we can usually dig up a couple in the bottomless pit aka the diaper bag... i always say to my husband.. you know we can always use the cloth diapers.....honey?hoooney???? (engine starts/...wheels peel out) lol

truevyne said...

My dh heard me snort aloud when I read about how much a diaper holds nowadays. He used to hold up bursting used diapers and say, "It says on the package up to 20 pounds, but this is nowhere near 20 pounds yet. Should we put it back on the baby?"

Scott said...

Jeweliet01, welcome aboard. We invested some big bucks in some very nice cloth diapers with our firstborn and I think we now just use them as very nice rags/towels. I wouldn't be opposed to them if I knew when they were going to poop. But prophecy just ain't one of my gifts.

True, rest in the knowledge that I got the boy some new diapers. So many landfills, so little time.

alison said...

Don't forget to set the alarm tonight!

I am back.

~m2~ said...

i understand the harried mornings. they are not fun and leave us with a bit of twist in ourselves because we all want to start off on the right foot. rough beginnings.

i wanted to say i also *got* the big fisherman - Peter. he was so passionate and expressive, when he finally understood who Jesus was, he was not about to let another moment go by without being near Him after His resurrection. how cool is that?

would i be brave enough to abandon my 153 fish to jump in and swim ashore (i feel a post coming on...)