Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Happy Anniversary (almost), Little Blog!

Eleven months ago today, I began this humble little blog. My first post was a simple explanation of why I chose the title "Swept Over." Well, yesterday I was feeling a little down and beat up, and, as I do, I wrote about it here. Occasionally, I am overwhelmed by all y'all (occasionally). Yesterday was one of those days. I have to confess that I was crying before I finished Dan's intervention. Yes, crying. Because I'm a nancy-boy, that's why. Now shut-up. (Yes, I said the S word - give me some quiet here!)

I began this blog for a number of reasons. One reason was to practice writing and to give me the freedom to experiment without fear. One reason was to help me remember. And here is my second confession of the day: I love reading over my old blog entries and remembering. I read them and say to my yesterday self, "Damn, you're good!" or "What the hell were you thinking?!" or, as it concerns the kids, "Thank you for writing about that." Regardless, it's a wonderful tool to help me remember.

But it is not just my writing that has helped me remember what I need to remember. You help me remember. Dan, True, Anon, John, and Sherry - you helped me remember yesterday and today what I needed to remember. Thank you for that gift. Forgive me for my ingratitude that I sometimes express here; and thank you for coming along side me, even so, and encouraging me as you do.


truevyne said...

Dude, happy blogiversary.

Andy said...

Indeed! Good on ya, mate...too right. And all of that other Aussie stuff I don't understand.

Glad to have you in my circle!