Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Syllogism

It's raining again. Rain = Staying Indoors with Three Terrorists. Staying Indoors with Three Terrorists = Some Measure of Stress. Therefore, Rain = Some Measure of Stress. That's just good logic. Following Me?

However, it has been raining here for two days now. And, therefore, using our syllogism above to extrapolate my current state of mind would run something like what follows: Staying Indoors with Three Terrorists for Two Consecutive Days = God, Why Me? + Migraine.



truevyne said...

Capiche. It's been raining here for so long I'd forgotten about sunshine. I see the golden rays outside my window but can't motivate the homeschooling varmints to finish so I can get out there and be IN it! My garden is calling.

alison said...


Feeling your pain. That was my Tuesday.