Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Mailbox, Continued

As I've already said, it's odd coming home from a long weekend to find a newly planted mailbox in your yard. Yes, it would have been nice for them to speak with us about it before doing so. But, unfortunately, it is their right to have a mailbox, and to have it in our yard. And yet yesterday as I was mowing around it, I was still struggling in my spirit. I felt as if someone had legally stolen some of my property out from under me while I was visiting my in-laws. I felt as if someone had trespassed onto my property without permission.

And no sooner had I had that thought, that I remembered, ". . . as we forgive those who trespass against us."

And so I gave this mailbox and this yard and this house back to God. I asked and continue to ask that he redeems it, and that through it, our neighbors can understand our love for them and for Christ.

I am aware of how ridiculous that sounds. I am aware of how ridiculous all of this sounds. But I am also aware of how necessary it is for this situation to be redeemed in light of our past week. It took us off guard; it presented itself when we had no strength to carry another burden, however small.

How weak am I? How little am I to think of the many things that I could do to get back at my neighbors, to make them understand my hurt? How unlike Christ to let something so insignificant create division between me and my neighbor, to create division between me and my Lord.

But it is being redeemed now, becoming a blessing rather than a curse. So that when I look on this wood and aluminum, my soul is no longer troubled. Rather, my soul is filled with peace and love for my neighbor. Because when I look upon it, I see only Christ forgiving me.


HeyJules said...

That was really beautiful to read. May we all wake up one day and find ourselves surrounded with neighbors that see us as you see yours.

Scott said...

Heyjules, thank you for your kind words.