Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Jack Bauer I Ain't

Choosing to watch four episodes of 24 until 1:30 a.m. + Having to chase three little terrorists the following morning = Idiocy.


Julie said...

lol My husband and i really like that show too... I don't have to stay up til the wee hours it comes on here about 8 pm and i know i should slee instead of staying up to watch ot but somehow ..beep..beep..beep...lures us in

Dan said...

Ah, the siren song of 24--I know it well! My fix should be here by Friday, but only one disc to get me through the weekend? What shall I DO?!?!?!

Scott said...

Jeweliet01, it's not so bad. Fortunately 24 comes on here at 9:00, but I'm currently watching previous, missed seasons through Netflix.

Dan, one disc? That's reminiscent of the age-old decision about Halloween and Easter candy - do I eat it all now or spread it out over the weekend? My prayers are with you, man.

Jamie Dawn said...

24 is our family show. It is the one show that we ALL watch. We have the DVR set to record it, so we watch it together. Jack is SO intense! We laugh at how intense he is sometimes. It is a cool show!
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