Thursday, April 27, 2006

On Folding Bras

Even off, the bra confounds me. This arch-nemesis of mine is full of surprises, so to speak.

When a bra comes out of the dryer, it takes great skill to unwind and untwist the strange Gordian knot of strings and cups. Alas, I have been forbidden to solve the puzzle as Alexander did. So I sit down and focus: I twist a string here; I duck a cup through there, until, Lord willing, I come out with a straightened bra.

Then, supposing that happens, I am faced with a new problem: How do you fold a bra? In the past, I've just balled them up and thrown them in the drawer with all the other unmentionables. Today, however, after years of allowing the problem to incubate in the back of my brain, I think I figured it out. I treated the bra as I would a fitted sheet. In essence, that is what a bra is, I reasoned. So I inverted one cup into the other and gingerly folded the strings underneath and within them. The folded bra is beautiful, artistic - Dare I say it? Voluptuous.

I beat my chest and roar.


Julie said...

I'd just toss it in the drawer lol

Chad Toney said...

bravo, funny post!

Owen of 4 blogs said...

Do you need to confess this?

Jamie Dawn said...

Laura could have told you how to do this.
I'll bet you looked downright perplexed each time you attempted the bra fold. I'm glad you've mastered it!

Rain, rain, go away.
Scott wants kids outside to play.

cassie-b said...

I must say, until today, I have never pondered the problem. Mine just go straight into the drawer.


Alexa said...


Owen of 4 blogs said...

I was inspired by your story and made a indexcardart out of it. You can find it, where else? At INDEXCARDART.CA :)

Scott said...

Thanks for all the responses - I even appreciated the bad puns.

The indexcardart is awesome, Owen. Thanks.

Janet said...

any other readers out there, aghast, wanting to scream "DON'T PUT THE BRAS IN THE DRYER!!!!" seriously...the dryer kills them. slowly. surely. just hang the babies over a rack and they're dry in an hour.

Your folding technique rocks though!

Scott said...

Whoa! Thanks for the advice and admiration, Janet. I'll have to find a rack to hang the bras on. They'll probably just end up hanging over the shower curtain rod.