Friday, October 06, 2006


Yes, yes, yes - a new season of Lost began this week. (If you missed it, check out to watch it online.)

It was an intriguing episode that raised even more questions and answered none. I suppose that's one of the reasons I like the show. I hope they'll wrap a few of those answers up for us throughout the year.

If you have never watched this show, watch it. Get the first two seasons from Netflix or Blockbuster or even Wal-Mart and catch up - it's a good way to spend your time in front of the TV, if you're disposed to doing so.


Bruce L. said...

We discovered Lost via Season 1 DVD in August or September. We've watched season 2, disc 1, and we're waiting until we can finish the second season before we watch season 3, which I'm DVR-ing to the laptop.

Fascinating show, I think.

Grace and Peace.

Scott said...

Hey, Bruce - great to hear from you again. Lost is a lot of fun - I hope you enjoy it.

I actually enjoy the non-interrupted DVD format much more than the weekly installment. Plus, I hate waiting another week for the next show. Oh well. Time to whittle away at my impatience.

Bruce L. said...


I like the DVD format too. We do a lot of stuff on DVD. The wife works in the library so she gets them free for a month - all you can watch. And then some.

Sorry I didn't respond sooner. I was on a retreat in Branson, MO for three days with no internet access.

The highlight of the trip was the show we saw: Liverpool Legends. You guessed it - Beatles impersonators. A Tuesday night show in October in a third-tier Branson theater means a small crowd. We had 28 in our group and there might have been 100 others. By the end of the show, my boss says "Let's hold up our cell phones." The "Beatles" noticed - and came out to the bus to thank us for coming.

Musically, the show was great. Voted best new act and best band in Branson this year from what I hear. If you ever get out to MO, and you're a Beatles fan, it's a lot of fun.